Sunday, July 6, 2014

Moving Forward

Its been a while since I posted here on my blog.  Works been crazy and the weekend never is long enough.  With the recent passing of my sister I took to heart some of her last words to me "make more time to do the things that make you happy".

I have always put work first, my entire career.  Sometimes out of financial responsibilities, but mostly because its my work ethic.  It's instilled down deep and its gonna be hard to change.

If we all knew when we were going to die, we would all live our lives differently I am sure...   Maybe I am becoming more philosophical as my "50th" birthday approaches at the end of the week.   I have been traveling more.  But some of my life is not quite where I would wish it to be.  I am not sure it will ever be.  I have very few people I can truly count on and for that I only have myself to blame.  So I move forward and hope maybe I can changes it piece by piece.  

So in moving forward I have been sewing more.  Preparing for my first grandson.  And today I worked on some  DIY mercury glass.   I saw a couple of tutorials with different methods recently. One here  and a second one here.  I used a combination of both.

I started with two different mason jars and one milk jar.  With the tops taped off.

 And a can of krylon looking glass mirror paint.  I bought mine at Walmart.  Its a 6 oz can and runs around 9 dollars.
I sprayed a thin coat of the paint inside the jars.  The wide mouth mason jars are the easiest to do. The milk bottle more difficult.  You around the jars to coat the inside then i turned them upside down.  Wear gloves as the paint gets all over your fingers.   You need about five thin coats letting each coat dry for 2 minutes.

 What I found however is the milk bottle had a lot of drip marks inside as it was difficult to stay into and the pain would pool so I ended up spraying the outside instead.  The second tutorial I did recommended to stay the vinegar/water mixture on then spray the paint right away.  Once it started to bead up, dab with paper towel.  I started to do this, but its kinda subtle and I wanted a more wiped off look so the third coat I just sprayed the paint without the vinegar.
 When you are done with the five thin coats the inside of the jars look like this on the inside.  The runs that happen on the first two coats are really hard to see now.
Then comes the vinegar find.  Take a spray bottle and put equal amount water and white vinegar in a spray bottle.  Spray inside the mason hard and then wipe with a paper towel.  Dabbing the vinegar makes subtle removal of the mirror paint, wiping takes out bigger areas below, which is what I was going for.
 Keep repeating till you get the look you want.  If you remove too much, just spray another coat of mirror paint inside.

 I love the look of all the jars.  The mild jar with the paint outside required both dabbing and rubbing. The undercoat of vinegar spots really came through once you rubbed a little.
 To finish off the jars I rubbed with a sponge brush some gold paint on the inside. It really increases the mercury look when looking at the jars from the outside.
 Now you can turn them into candle holders or a little vase.  The flower frogs I found at Michaels.
 Or a cute little gift container that you can put a candle in.  The lid I found at Beverly's  I am not sure I will keep this one long, Rachel has her eye on it.  But I think it would be so cute to store thread in.

It was a lot of fun trying to come up with some little "chic" ideas for  a table and I plan on playing with it some more.

Happy Sunday....

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Suzanne said...

That sure looks easy and a whole lot less expensive (once you buy the paint) than the gift store glass. I love the look of mercury glass. I'm glad you're slowing down a bit - if only on the weekends. These kinds of projects are perfect to help us refuel for the upcoming week. Nothing like a baby to get us nesting a bit. Take care of yourself and thanks for sharing!