Sunday, February 16, 2014

Yep I am still working on my travel photos

I am almost finished but here are a few pics from a hike to "The Toadstools"

Loving the HDR effect in black and white and color to these landscapes.

We then made it to Zion National Park

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Where Yesterday Ends and Tomorrow Begins

It's been a tough couple of months. While I am not dealing with an illness or a life changing event I do still feel I am in the middle of something I can't control.  Everyday I feel the pull of yesterday against the pull of tomorrow.

I suspect this constant pull is of my own doing.  As far as I can remember I can only do things one way-full power.  I have a work ethic that matches few people.  Work for the past 28 years has consumed a majority of my life.  I have always been the go to girl.  Why cause I get the job done.  I will go the extra mile no matter what.  I am loyal and put work above my personal life.  To others it appears I can do anything. While I can pretty much figure out how to do anything I am, in the end, one single person not Wonder Woman.  While I voice now that I am at my "breaking point" its not often heard or understood or even headed.  I know situations currently warrant that I must push through this breaking point, my constant eye twitching is telling me otherwise.

So maybe this little breakfast and a mimosa this am brought to me by my hubby will give me the break that will calm my eye twitching and refresh my Wonder Woman facade.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Day 3 and 4| Page Arizona

Page Arizona, the home of Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell is also the home of a large Navajo Reservation the has the upper and lower Antelope Canyons.  I have seen tons of pictures of the canyons and knew I wanted to photograph them.  You have to take a tour with a guide from the reservation.  I used Adventurous Photo Tours.  I was the only person on the two canyon tour, which was great.  The guide really helped me with my camera settings.  The canyons are dark and a tripod was necessary.  The colors come alive in your pics.  So much more than in person.  During the summer is when you can capture the beams of light shining through the canyons, which would have been so cool. But I am really happy with my shots. I got and I didn't have to deal with the crowds.  The guide said summer is a mad house plus you have to deal with monsoon season which will prevent you from visiting the canyons.    Enjoy.