Sunday, August 11, 2013

Where Time Goes...

Where does the time go?  Everyone asks that and today I wonder that.  Life is so busy and we all tend to loose ourselves in the day to day, year to year rush.  With my sisters recent cancer diagnosis and knowing time will be limited even though we don't know "how long", I have begun to look at  my day to day life a little differently.

For a good 21 years I have worked and worked and worked to support my family, to support a practice I believed in to help my best friend.  At times my family came second.  As being the primary bread winner, I felt a responsibility, as a key person in a practice, I felt responsibility. Responsibility!   A word I have always taken seriously.  But along the way, I tried to give myself some me time and over the past five years or so, I have traveled somewhere every year.  Something I plan on continuing.

But day to day, i am starting to cut back just a little.  Replacing work hours with workout hours, replacing the 7 pm end of day with 5 pm happy hour, or a massage or girlfriend time.  I have become more proficient with my personal defense weapon with routine target practice which really helps relieve my pent up aggression and I am getting pretty good at it too.

I am pushing for more family time all the way around, with my sisters, my children, nieces and nephews as in the end family is all that matters.

Only you can make yourself happy, healthy and content.  Its time for me to do just that.


Suzanne said...

Beautifully said Cindy, and so true. It's sad that we have to have these things in our lives to help us see what's really important.

Foo said...

Amen Sissy Poo!!!!

THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

I have always found that our time, whatever we are involved in, is limited. But- without a doubt- it will NOT be our jobs or work that we feel we didn't make enough time for! There is a fine line between giving it your all & giving it all of you! The best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure you play as hard as you work. That might be accomplished by travel or by hugging your cat ... everyone is different. You gotta fill that "tank" up so you can move on & do your best at what comes next. I've seen the changes you have made, particularly over this past year and I'm proud of you for putting your foot down ! love ya sis!!