Monday, July 15, 2013

Calgary in Photos

Below are photos from Calgary.  We went mainly for the Stampede for Richard's 60th birthday.
He used to rodeo before I met him and loves the sport and always wanted to go and see the chuckwagon races.  You would have never known in downtown Calgary that 
there had been a flood 13 days before.  We started our experience with the parade.
Unfortunately most of my pics have people standing in front of me.
So here are a few.  It wasn't spectacular, but fun all the same and a
celebration of how the Calgarians pulled together to get ready
for the stampede.

 Some of the rodeo cowboys came into the arena
from above.  Was alot of fun.

 I joined in on the festivities wearing my boots and 
yelling Ya-hoo (not yee haw in Canada)

Below are some of the chuck wagon race pics.  Hard to capture on camera
but we loved it all the same.

 We missed alot of the rain each day with perfect timing.

So glad we went.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Banff | Canada

It will take me a couple of weekends to get thru and edit all my trip pics.  Here are the Banff Photos.

 Lake louise from the top of the peak we took via gondola

 While we were stuck on the gondola a female grizzy walked below us. So pretty

Loved Banff, so beautiful.  Lake Louise takes your breath away and the turquoise water is beautiful.