Saturday, June 29, 2013

Project Life | Week 25

I have been super busy at work and home getting everything ready for my trip.  Work is always outrageously busy, and I am trying to finish up my packing to Calgary cause we are going.

I am going to get Rich this shirt once we get to the stampede.

With my sister Sow gone for a few weeks I got up early and started laundry, vacuuming, mopping and cleaning bathrooms so Its done before we leave.  I finished this week of project life and kept it to one page as well, digitally so I could get it documented quicker.

Now I am off to pack my camera bag, then move on to my toiletries and then the final round of my large suitcase.  My goal is everything will be packed and ready to go Sunday night.  So I don't have to do any of it monday or tuesday.  Have a happy HOT weekend.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Project Life | Week 23 & 24

I had to play catch up today for the past two weeks of project life.
Because I work 50-60 hours a week, I have to put together
my layouts on the weekend.  But for the past couple of weekends I 
spent my time working on my travel journal.
This am, I spend a great deal of time working through 
my upcoming trip to the Calgary Stampede. With
all the flooding, our trip is in limbo, which I am not a big fan of. But
I do know the hotel we are staying at is not flooded. So that's a plus.
I can make an adventure out of anything, so that's what I am gonna do.

So this afternoon I put together week 23 and week 24. 
When I have alot on my plate, I will cut my week down to one side 
and I will usually do it digitally as I can do a week in about 30 mins to 
an hour.  Thank god for my iphone or I wouldn't have any pics!

I try to type as much journaling on a pic that I can.
I also love the ability to save pics from Facebook.
Sometimes its the only way I get a pic of my kids lol.
I also love facebook in the fact that on fathers day a lot
of people put vintage photos up and it brings back so many memories.
It also puts you in contact with lost family.  

I will be super busy packing and getting ready for my trip, so I suspect that I will keep the remainder of 
June project life at one page per week, but will make up for it when I get home.
I still love documenting life, preserving memories and my thoughts.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Project Life | Week 21

Hello week 21.  I was out of town last weekend so played a little catch up last night to finish week 21 and on to week 22.

This week I added an insert to include more photos from my trip with Barbara to Manhattan Beach.

 Here is how it looks in the book. Main pages on each side and insert in the middle.
 I utilized a card from May's Studio Calico Kit for my title card along with the Memorial Day card. I added an Ali Edwards Hello Life card that I cut with my silhouette. Letter stickers for the title. My date stamp on the title card was not perfect, but long ago I got over trying to be perfect, as life is not perfect and I let the imperfect stay in my book.
 Above  and below is a closer look at the insert.  I added a sticky tab to it with the date.  These were inserts from project life I bought couple years ago that were not sized correctly so I had to cut down some of the pics. But I like the fact it has both vertical and horizontal slots.

With this insert, for some reason when you turn the page the pics slide as you can see below.

 I added text directly to the cruzin pic in photoshop.  When I am in a hurry to finish up a page I always add more text to the photos.  
 Here above is the last two pages.  When I travel I always try to get a postcard.  The are usually just a tad bigger than the 4 x 6 slot but I trim them a little and write my journaling on it.  Postcards usually will have a little info about the place you visited and I like that.
The final page.  I choose this style of pocket so I could put all the business cards in the pockets of the places I visited.  Restaurants usually.  Its a nice way to remember the names for future reference too.  I added a hand written journaling card in the middle I found in my stash.  I used the new pilot frixion clicker erasable ball point pens.  I am the first to say I hate my writing.  But I t think it is important for my family to see my writing. Thus having an erasable pen is great for me as I make mistakes a lot!!  The only down side to these pens is they are light.  So sometimes hard to read on certain paper.
On my "make me cry, pecan pie" photo I went to g&g website and pulled off a copy of their logo and put it directly on the picture.   Over all put this week together in about 1.5 hours total.