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Project Life | Week 18, Week 19, Week 20, Week 21- How to play catch up

It's no secret that I am a busy woman.  I work the minimum of 50-60 hours per week. That's why I love project life.  Prior to using project life, I would scrap feverishly on a free weekend trying to turn out as many layouts as I could to document my life.  My kids happened to be in college at the time and I  had wanted to try to scrap backwards documenting their childhood memories.  But I never felt like I was getting enough done and in getting the past documented, I was not documenting the present.  

 I stumbled upon project life when a friend was doing it the first year it came out, I thought- this is how I can get it done.  Now three years later I am still going strong.   

But life still gets busy and from time to time I have to play catch up.  This is the case for the past four weeks. 

I see questions on the project life blogs asking how you handle catch up.  I handle it by doing more digital journaling on the pics directly and if I don't have enough pics, I utilize the place cards that you find in the project life core kits, on the web and in my monthly studio calico kit.

Week 18

 Week 18 had a little bit of everything.  What I do love it that my family sends me pics from time to time and I try to include them into my weekly spread.
 The left side of the page utilized design D paged pocket. I like mixing them up. 
The may calendar card was in my Studio Calico kit along with the orange simple & real place card.
The title card was a blank card I added washi tape to the top & bottom
and I continued adding the particular week number in thickers. 
The flower pic I added a sticker I found in my stash.
 The flower was in my stash along with a happy insert I had made a while back.
This page was done in less than 10 mins.

The picture below is on the bottom right of the two page layout.  I typed directly on the pic then added 
thickers to both pages  to give it some depth.
 Week 19
 Week 20 was a super busy week as it involved a trip to 
San Francisco.  Thus this week has several inserts.
On the right is a template I used to document an early Mothers Day
dinner with my children.  Again when you are in a pinch, make it easy, use
a template and then add a few embellishments.  I print all my own pics and 12 x 12 layouts.
I want instant gratification and hate waiting to go pic up the pics.  
I have two printers the Canon Pro 9000 that I print everything but the 12 x 12 layouts.
This printer replaced my epson wide format printer.  I had a lot of issues with the epson clogging the 
cartridges.  The canon works perfectly except it wont print a borderless 12 x 12 layout.
I  use the HP 7000 wide format printer to print the 12 x 12 layouts.
 When I know I have a lot to document, I will do a little more digitally.
Its a little faster for me,.  The title card was also in my Studio Calico Monthly Kit.
I stamped the dates as usually and added thickers.

I documented on three of the pictures directly.  Another sticker from my stash was a quick way to document what I was thinking on my daughters picture.  The arrow journal card was in my Studio Calico kit as well.  its two sided so I utilized both sides.
 On the back on my mothers day layout is another layout that is above on the left
documenting another stop at a Guy Fietti restaurant. To the right is a letter size
layout with a pic I loved from San Fran.
 Above is the backside of the San Fran layout.  I placed a couple of
maps/programs from San Fran in the pocket.
 Above is the right side of the week. I used project life 
Design B page pocket. In the center is a San Francisco postcard.
I again placed my titles, dates or journaling right on the pics as its faster.
 Week 20 and 21 I cut short utilizing only one side for each week.  
I do this from time to time when I am catching up and the pics are scarce.
I journaled directly on the picture of the cookies. 
Stamped the week number and dates on the title card.
If you look close the date is smeared but I still use it. 
This is real life and its messy some times.
 The afternoon card  was in my may studio calico kit
and I just added an arrow sticker from my stash.
Most of my stash actually comes from past main 
Cocoa Daisy Kits as I subscribed for years before switching to the 
Studio Calico Project Life kits.  Now Cocoa Daisy has a project life
kit that I am thinking of subscribing to.  I find subscribing to a kit is 
so much cheaper than going to a local store and it always coordinates
and you get a little bit of everything. 
 Week 21 is on the right and in between is my mother's day cards
from my children placed in a 5x7 pocket of Becky Higgins.

 I added a tag with a sticker to the flower pic, stamping the Tuesday
from a stamp that was from a citrus twist project life kit.
The twenty one is done with stickers & dates stamped.

Above I placed a tag with stickers to my journaling.  I love little word
stickers.  I use them a lot.  I also added a digital tag to the picture
of my husband friend and a digital button.  Title typed directly on
the photo of me cleaning my gun.

So all in all I put together four weeks in about 2 hours.
Think simple and keep it simple.  When I have spare time, I do put together
place cards or journal cards so when I am in a hurry I can get it done quicker.
Also my space is organized so that everything is reachable.  I clean it out
regularly, giving away things I know I wont use to a local teacher. 
The digital versions of project life are much cheaper and can be used over and over.  I print on cheap
card stock that I buy at office depot by the reem.  They look nice and can be colored to match my week.

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