Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Project Life | Week 7 & 8

Hello to weeks 7 and 8 of project life.  
Still loving this project. With the hours I work it is a quick way to get in my scrappin therapy and document life without taking huge chunks of time out of my day.  I am still doing one side totally digital using Templates make for project life that I bought here.  AC Digitals is also where you can buy the digital project life kits.  I am using both the olive edition and seafoam edition this year. That's the fun part, you can mix and match the kits to meet what you are looking for. Of course I am spreading the love out through the month.  I love hearts and everything that goes along with valentines day so I wanted to keep the them up for the next few weeks.  The two place card on the left that say amour and love are old House of 3 digital files. You can fine similar stuff at Rhonna Farrer's shoppe here.

 February is heart month a well and I settled my heart awareness pin on the right side.  It is also Chinese New Year and since experiencing China, I appreciate their beliefs a little more.  I received a lucky red envelope this year and placed it in my book with a journal card tucked behind.

I had mad a few Chinese New Year cards and had some scraps left over that I made into a quick place card for the right side of my book.  I also used a couple plan tags, wooden veneer arrow and some tiny type stickers.

Week 8 below was a little lower key. 

Above is the two page spreed.  I have whited out one square that has a picture of Tommy who does not like to be put on facebook or my blog. It's hard as he is a big part of my everyday life and that is what project life is all about. But...  I need to respect his wishes so sorry about the blank spot.  The right side is the digital side except on the top right I left some free space to add a business card from the new Sushi place Rachel and I tried.  I topped it on one of the journal cards that was included in a new project life kit club from citrus twist I received.  I have been part of the cocoa daisy kit club for three years but decided to try a kit club geared more to project life.  I am on the wait list for studio calico project life kit club as well.  The valentines journal card and feb calendar were part of the kit as well.

I am a new gun owner and mad up a little journal card from a clip art image I found on the Internet to journal about it.  The cameo was punched from a piece of scrapbook paper I found lying around along with a Dollie.  The today is the day was a tag I bought in a packet at Michaels.  Their recollection brand has a line now that is geared for project life.  I bought several journal cards as well.  The wood veneer hearts were sprayed with pink spray ink.  All in all took me about an hour to put together these two weeks.  Having an iphone is handy to get most of the pictures you see here.  With icloud and my mac, everything syncs seamlessly.  

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Project life| Week 6 and 5

Weekend is upon us and I am really not doing much which is my plan.  Did a little pet shopping filling up their food and plan on watching everything I have recorded on my DVR (i would need a month to do that).  Have watched a couple of documentaries that were on my radar and catching up on Homeland.  I was a little behind on project life, but caught up. 

 Here is Week Six.  I am still loving the half digital half hybrid format.  Below is week six digital. Loving Valentines a hearts and chevrons are my fav right now.

Week six hybrid side is a little low key given I was a little behind.  I did make a little card on the bottom left which I used some vintage lace I bought in France in 2009.   Of course there is my little sweetie, my grandpuppy pepper.  She is soooooo Cute!!!  

Week Five is below. A few little do dads from Vegas and some 
chipboard stickers over a couple pictures.  
That's why I love this project as you can spend as little or as much time as you want
on the layouts.  

I used a felt heart from Michael's on the flower picture
and foam stickers on my grand-bunnie pic.

So onward to move to week 7, my china book and Garrett's wedding book. Below is my week
7 title page.   Hearts & Love!!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gong XI Fat Cai | Happy New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!  I appreciate their traditions, their beliefs, their joy at the New Year just a little more since traveling there.  So here is to the year of the snake, I hope it is as Fabulous as I have plans for it to be!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Project Life | Catch up

I have been pretty busy the last couple of weekends, so I am two weeks behind on my project life. I am always taking pics and putting away thoughts but today I am gonna sit down and put them together.  That's why I like this project so much.  It allows you to go at your own pace.  Do as little or as much as you want to. Some weeks I spend hours creating my week while other weeks, I spend minutes.  There will be moments that cross across the week that bring memories to the surface.  Memories that my Rachel has asked me about like how I met her father. So it gives me a medium to write them down.

So here is to a Happy Weekend.