Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pretzel Making

IN 2011 Richard learned to make pretzels with my friends Nancy and Sara.  They do this annually and because of my work schedule I can never help.  This year Richard wanted to make them with me.  He is on this quest for the past few months to spend more time with me....  I am still trying to get used to it since we have never been one of those couples who spend all their free time together.

So this year I humored him and made pretzels with him.  It was fun and I was able to get a couple shots which were the base of my first digital layout of 2013.  I spent an hour putting the layout together, a little more difficult one handed as I am but fun none the less.  I have completed my project life for 2012 and am starting my 2013 edition which will be a little more digital I believe this year.  Here's to 2013 memories...

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