Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Spent Tuesday touring the battlefield. There are more than 1400 monuments here. So much history, so many deaths. Really puts into perspective our countries history.

We had a private certified your guide which made it very educational.

We stopped for some local homemade ice cream for lunch

Then off to the visitor center.

They have a fabulous cyclorama painting and we also took the shuttle to Eisenhowers farm.

Before heading back to the B&B we took some side roads in the middle if nowhere to see my first covered bridge. It's the Sachs bridge and it was breathtaking.

A pretty full day. Today we are heading to Hershey PA and then back to Phillie. I plan on having chocolate for lunch!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Well the book is done so that must mean I am ready to go!!  I am gonna have a busy next three months.  I spent the holiday weekend working on wedding stuff, work stuff, bridal shower stuff and travel stuff.  Finished my Dover/Phillie book so now all I have to do is pack.  Getting excited to see Stephanie and two states I have never been to.  So here's a quick look at my Phillie/Dover travel book.  Since I am so busy, I try to use a combination of pre-fab page protectors, others that I cut up and pockets to hold the stuff I gather.  It makes it easier for me to journal on the cards I included as I travel so my book is about put together when I get home. 

 Nowadays you print off your event tickets. So I usually print more than one so I can cut one up to put in my book!  Here is the Atlanta Braves vs Phillies that Richard is going to with Garrett.  Garrett is flying out to phillie for the weekend to go to the game with his Dad.  They are huge Atlanta Braves fans and want to see chipper jones again in person before he retires.

 Journal cards, various types to write down my adventures.

 A zipper pocket above to put little things I gather such as places we eat, maps, fun stuff. postcards

 A long journaling card that says "the story of today"  This page protector is 6 x 11 perfect to put a map on the other side, below.  I found this map about the civil war and Gettysberg in a national geographic magazine and saved it.  The red pocke is large and can hold bigger things.

 Journal cards for when we head to The monster mile are below a large empty page protector that I cut from a bigger one and sewed a label onto below

 I have three cards one for Kasey Kahne, Danica Patrick and Jr. Hope and pray i would be in the right place at the right time to get a autograph!  Ya I live in fantasy land.  Dont they know it would look good in my book??
 A printed racetrack map and another Jr card above.  Copies of a ticket event and a racing fram below

And since Chevron pattern is my favorite pattern I had to include an overlay sewed to a page protector for the last page.  YIPEE.  I am ready.  I plan on filling it up with a bunch or pics and memories.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Big Top Fun

 Last night Rachie and I went to the circus.  So much fun.  Really enjoyed it. My favorite part was the elephants, the cats, both big and little and the trapeze artists.  But most of all I loved experiencing it with my Rachie.

The big top fun art is part of Rhonna Farrer's Spring Circus Border Set