Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's been crazy

 Wow I can't believe it has been a couple weeks since I wrote a blog post.  I guess if you really want to keep up to date with me, you need to be my Facebook friend.  Works has been crazy and coupled with my 7 day detox diet and now my increased exercise routine, I have been super busy and tired.  Richie is busy trying to figure out his new stove. It cooks so much different that he is having to adjust a lot.   I did however run across a couple cool products I wanted to share with you.

The first is smash box 0-gloss.  I read about this in health magazine and I am telling you its fabulous.  It goes on clear but turns to a cool pink, different for every person based on your body chemistry.  The have is a sephora and they have a darker addition I just may go back and pick up.  Its 22.00 and so fab. Best of all, it comes off clear for any man of yours you may be smooching!!!!
I am a sunscreen fanatic these days given my aversion to wrinkles.  I know I was a sun worshiper and I still love love love the sun, but I hate wrinkles and brown spots more soooooo I use sunscreen.  This new lorel sublime is so silky smooth going on . I doesn't clog your pours and I fabulous.  Give it a try.
Well thats all for now, just a quick peck on the old keypad.  I hope everyone has a FAB fourth. Tootles!

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