Friday, July 13, 2012

I am so appreciated

For many years now, I stopped celebrating my birthday. Instead I call it Cindy Appreciation Day.  It was a spectacular day.  Usually I don't do a whole lot, but last night I met my girlfriends/family at Tokoyo Garden for dinner

We had a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it.
Then five of us headed to CAfe Med for a night cap martini

Had super fun time and thanks to all for making me feel appreciated and Lindy as well.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Random Thoughts

I have so much to get done this weekend and all I can do is sit here and surf the net....  Such Random thoughts hitting my brain, must be that I just have too much to do and now I am on overload. LOL.  Me overloaded, never.

So I thought I would just throw out some random pics to go with my random thoughts today
Here is Gwendolyn, arches new bunny
 I laughed out loud at my friend Nancy Sutherlands FB pic. She is the mother of twins and this is her baby daddy!!
My good friend Debbie Villanueva has a new grand baby.  This here is her powdered sugar as she likes to call him. Sooooo Cute.

 Now Tommy hates me to post any pic of him but I just can't help its, soooo stink in cute.  There here is Jackson Shamblin and he wanted some of Tommys watermelon so he decided to come get some.
Tuesday flowers!!!!!

My twins big ass bass, I know the pic is sideways but I am in a hurry no time to fix.

 My drink of the week, flax seed cranberry flush. No bad, Lost another pound!!
But I am sure to gain it back with riches peach cobbler. Damn!

RAndom pics from FB.  I really like this one.  I have earned a bunch!!

These two pics I texted to Debbie this week. So true. LOL

Coconut Water with fruit. YUMO

Sissy Poo's Dog Leika had 7 puppys. rant they cute.

Have a super fun Saturday, I am off to run my errands.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's been crazy

 Wow I can't believe it has been a couple weeks since I wrote a blog post.  I guess if you really want to keep up to date with me, you need to be my Facebook friend.  Works has been crazy and coupled with my 7 day detox diet and now my increased exercise routine, I have been super busy and tired.  Richie is busy trying to figure out his new stove. It cooks so much different that he is having to adjust a lot.   I did however run across a couple cool products I wanted to share with you.

The first is smash box 0-gloss.  I read about this in health magazine and I am telling you its fabulous.  It goes on clear but turns to a cool pink, different for every person based on your body chemistry.  The have is a sephora and they have a darker addition I just may go back and pick up.  Its 22.00 and so fab. Best of all, it comes off clear for any man of yours you may be smooching!!!!
I am a sunscreen fanatic these days given my aversion to wrinkles.  I know I was a sun worshiper and I still love love love the sun, but I hate wrinkles and brown spots more soooooo I use sunscreen.  This new lorel sublime is so silky smooth going on . I doesn't clog your pours and I fabulous.  Give it a try.
Well thats all for now, just a quick peck on the old keypad.  I hope everyone has a FAB fourth. Tootles!