Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day.  Richard may not be many things, the most personable man. He is not easy going and he can be intense at times. But what he is, by no shadow of a doubt, a GREAT father.  Since the day I found out I was pregnant with Garrett, he has put all his attention and effort into his children.  He never missed a bath, a game, a play, a school program.  He got up with them at night and actually took care of them all night as I worked nights when they were babies.  Since becoming a father he has put himself last and even though they are grown, he continues to do it now.  Of course he is more vocal about that to them now!  If I have to define unconditional love, it would have his picture next to it when it comes to his kids.

Garrett is a lot like him, but most importantly he understands his father well and I am happy that they have had such a close relationship and even more happy that Richard will get to share in his son's adventure into fatherhood some day.

Rachel, Richard has a soft spot for Rachel, he just forgot to tell her about it.  He seems not to be as vocal about his pride in her, but he is more than proud of our little girl.  He loves her dearly and I am glad Rachie understands this.  She is a remarkable woman and Richards influence I feel has made her that way.

And now he is a GRANDPA.  He has a grand puppy names pepper. Who he SPOILS terribly. Please don't make any plans for Richard on Tuesday cause that's the day he watches pepper.  If this puppy is any indication on how he will be with grand kids, watch out.  It has been said Richie will be the babysitter and I can tell you he can't wait.  He is gonna be an even better Grandpa.  

And today is the first fathers day without my Dad.  I miss him terribly but know he is soooo happy spending it with Mama in heaven.  Happy Father's Day Dad, I love you.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. Why you ask. Because every Tuesday Richard buys me flowers.  Each week they are different, some I like more than others but no matter what, I have flowers sitting by my computer when I get home.  I can have a rotten day, stressful week, but once I come home, walk into my happy place, nothing makes me smile or feel love more.  Love Tuesday!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Project Life | Week 23

Week 23, was just a two page layout.  No inserts, not a ton of journaling. I ended up taking this weeks photos with my iPhone, so sorry that they are a little fuzzy. 

The left side I used Design D page protector.  Last year I almost always used the standard Design A for each week, this year I am branching out, trying the other designs I bought in the assorted pack.  Makes it challenging, but fun just the same.  I did a lot of typing right on the photos this week with photoshop. On my weekly flower photo I used an old house of three printable medallion I had lying around and punched a heart hour and adhered with Tim Holtz's mini stapler, which I love.
The right side I used Design F page protector.  One thing I have been doing consistently is adding chipboard letter or numbers to the title card.  The letters I used this week did not have a name on them, but they came in an old Studio Calico set.  Love that they are yellow orange in color. 

I also got out my silhouette digital cutter this week to make some birthday invites.  I wanted to print and cut out a little girl Chef, which was challenging but fun.  i then cut out the bowling pin and punched an arrow out to frame my journaling.  Love the look.
The other thing I did this week that I have never done before was cut a 4 x 6 photo in half to fit into the divider slots I had open.

I used another Ali Edwards design, the arrow,  for my peonies picture. And here is a closer pic of the little girl chef I printed and cut out using my computer and silhouette.  I really loved how it turned out.

All in all a great week, I also changed up my blog banner and background using Rhonna Farrer's Nautical Chic Kit.  Chevron and Nautical my two new obsessions. Check out this kit, loving it.

I can't say enough how much project life has helped reduce the time it takes to document my life moments.  I work 50-60 hours a week and without it, I probably wouldn't document half of it.  Love It.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Project Life | Week 22

Week 22 project life is completed and in the book.  It was pretty full with inserts.
My project life takes two albums for the year. The first six months in binder on, second six months in binder 2, mostly because of the extra inserts.
I used two different page protectors this week. On the main page left I used Design B.  This week I also did not use a main title card, but a filler card that I adapted because I really did not like using the regular title cards in a vertical position, but next year they will be title cards that can be used in the vertical position, super excited.

Here is a closer look at the left hand side.  I typed some on the photos, on my flower photo i used Ali Edwards hand drawn journal blocks. I use a lot of her stuff in project life. I have a similar style and i like the clean lines.  On my martini pic I used Ali Edwards circle of life brush that I recolored with a chevron pattern. Chevron patterns are a new obsession for me.

The first insert is a picture of one of the Giant Sequoias. We went to the Sequoias this past Monday. I used K.Pertiet All You Need Overlays NO4 for the beautiful  word art.  and Patty Knox Acrylic Arrows.  Both found at Designer Digitals.

The back side of the insert is a little layout I made using a postcard I picked up at the park.  I like to use old vintage looking cards and sometimes they will fit in a 4 x 6 page slot, but this one was a little big.  I also bought a vintage envelope that was stamped in the park in 1974.  The scenic view sticker is from Martha Stewart.  The date stamps are actually from the cancellation stations in each park.  I have a national parks passport book that I stamp at each park I go to.  I bring extra paper and stamp on it first.  It fits a 1.25 circle punch.  I punched them out and adhered them here.  There are stamps for each park too that you can buy and it also has a description that I adhered onto card stock and placed on the layout too.  The final touch was a sequoia pin I picked up.

The second insert was a 6 x 12 American Crafts page protector that I placed the spring newsletter paper from the park and below on the backside is the parks map.

The final page above is Design D page protector.  Its the first time I used this style.  I placed some of the receipts in the smaller pockets and my journaling I used Ali Edwards Bracket Outlines that i cut out and placed on some card stock.  Love the outdoorsy feel of this weeks layout.  Loving Life!!