Sunday, May 6, 2012

Its Been A Long Time

It has been a long time since I have felt so happy.  I had a FABULOUS weekend.  I have nothing to complain about.  I went to San Diego to see my sissy poo, Lisa Jean.  Now there is no explaining this relationship.  She is not my twin, Sow is, and I love sow and all her craziness, but Foo Foo is my other half.

I always take her a prize, or I should say Richie does.

This trip is was animal cookies, super cute plastic straws and a personal reusable flask.
We talk to each other everyday, usually two times per day for probably the past 7 years.  We were not close as kids, but that's not unusual, but as we got older we got closer, I don't know what was the event that caused it but nevertheless, we are close, really close.  I love all my sisters equally, but lisa or foo foo as I call her, we just get each other a little better than the others.  When I can't talk to her everyday, I feel, well I feel sad. I tell her everything and I need her.  This weekend was Cinco De Mayo and we celebrated.

First with happy hour by the pool, Now usually this includes Steve Mauer's famous Mai Tais!

We got tired or waiting so Sissy Poo made me a concoction that was FABULOUS, just like we are.

The weather was PERFECT. We then went off to Pizza, our tradition.

Foo Foo thought the hat would look good on me.

While Foo Foo and I were goofing off, Richie was snuggling up to Gigit aka Rebecca, Lisa's woman, significant other, fiancé.  I tell ya, if she decides to go straight, I might be worried. Richie so loves her and it was her belated B-day celebration.

Saturday AM started with huevos rancheros ala Richie, he saw it on the food channel and wanted to make it for Cinco De Mayo

along with Bloody Mary's (yuk i hate bloody Mary's)

A little sunshine, Richie said my shirt made me look like a lovely Chiquita.  I will go with it I guess, it was a compliment.

3 pm rolled around, after a day of retail, therapy and we had happy hour. Fresh pom margaritas, chips, salsa and Guacamole. Can you say YUMMY!!!!

Richie made a feast of chili Verde, tacos, Mexican wedding cake, tex mex chocolate cake, beans, rice. It was soooooooo delicious.  I was so full (and tipsy) I went to bet at 7:55 pm!!!!

We headed home early this am and I still had time to play in my happy place.

Of Course a little Pear martini was in order, I had to use up the limes before they went bad.
But I feel so good, relaxed and I had a really really really great weekend.

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THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

YOU feeling happy & relaxed would be QUITE the compliment to Foo! xoxo love you both.