Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bad Day | Sunday

Sunday started off ok, got up early, made coffee, worked on my week in the life project while Richard made breakfast. I left the house 830 for a little over an hour then came home and boom became violently ill with the flu. Needless to say I was in the bathroom for the next 10 hours with fever and etc.  Couldn't keep anything down. I was racked with body aches and woke up monday still feeling sick, feeling like a truck ran over me. But its seems what I had was going around and  my NP came down with it as well Sunday night. Sooo I had to tough it up and go to work monday to cover all the nursing stuff. That's what happens when your the boss, no sick day for you.  Richard brought me some soup and crackers and by 3 pm I was feeling much better. Glad it was only the 24 hour kind.  But my week in the life project -Sunday edition will not have much in the terms of pics or stories.  I guess I will used this day to fill in with some of the photos my family sent me.  Here is to a better day, TUESDAY.

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