Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week in the Life | Wednesday

Random Photos from Wednesday

 This is what my work happy place looks like, hmmm there is a pattern here.
 Kisses from sissy poo
 Dam you sprinkle donut.
 My niece Tori. She is helping me by sending pictures for my week in the life.  Gotta love family.
 sissy poo had her toes done during lunch
 The sun was blinding me today
 Awh so pretty
 My twin sow, at her favorite place
 orange sunset was nice
 Yes getting home at 7:55 pm and its dark
 dinner, I guess i was hungry
 There are always some dishes for me to do at 430 am when I get up.
 Pepper in the early morning light, she is looking for those kittys to chase.  Shhh their sleeping still, you should be sleeping
 Breakfast for the doggies, plus cheese for Choles medicine
 Pepper needed some "medicine" too!!
 Mom, stopp taking pics and feed us they are saying
 Another start of the day- getting ready to write some things down for this project
 Come on Grandpa, its time to get up, its 5:30 am. wake up, wake up
 Darn it I almost go the kitty
 Roaree demanding Richies attention and pepper is saying, Geez, another picture and please let me play with kitty
Awh Hollie, you crack me up, you do!!!

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