Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy 4

Things I am happy for today.
1. I woke up before the alarm feeling good, happy.
2. I wore really clothes to work, not work clothes (khakis)
3. I got to have lunch today!
4. I had pie at 4 pm.
5. I finished three piles on my desk today.
6. I drank two full glasses of water, not just one today.
7. Ran two miles on the treadmill (because I had pie)
8. No patient problems. No staff problems.
9. I bought a pair of tory burch black ballet flats.
10. Pastrami is the devil and my devil makes a YUMMY SANDWICH with it.
11. My nieces are A-ok alone in Washington State.
12. My bitty kitty loves me. He told me.
13. My sissy poo thinks I'm FABULOUS
14. Spray tan is not that bad!
15. The UPS man thinks I am Richards daughter !!!!!!!!!
16. Tomorrow is Saturday and I am gonna sleep till I wake up on my own.


Anonymous said...

Love this Richies daughter :) - stephanie

candra said...


Foo said...

We are Fabulous!!!!