Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Feeling ...

I am feeling a little off today, worrying last night about things I have no control over and probably should not worry about, but.... what can I say. It go me thinking about my fun, restful weekend which got me out of my funk a little bit.

Started my Friday with a repeat trip to the ortho for a nasty piece of calcium in my shoulder that keeps given me trouble. Hopefully since therapy did not work, the injection I received will calm it down.

We then headed to San Diego to see my sissy poo Foo Foo (lisa) and we started happy hour with frosted animal cookies thanks to Richie. (insert Ugh here). WE ate the whole bag, we love them and they are FATTENING!!!!!!
Next Steve, Lisa's neighbor made us his famous Mai Tai's YUMMO
Then a little pizza and off to party city to try and find Tori some Lion ears. While we could not find any, we did play a little dress up. Below are the three amigos.
And a couple of pimp daddies. LOL

Saturday am, Richard and I took off to look at the blue star stoves he is wanting to purchase. He cooks ALOT and wants a better free standing stove, and this sucker will do the the trick.
That night I headed to the Lady Antebellum concert with Lisa, Rebbecca and a group or their friends in a motor home. I cam well prepared.
A little country doesn't hurt anyone.
We went to the meet n great with Thompson Square, they sing Lisa and Rebecca's song and foo foo got her hat signed.
Sunset before the concert started.
We drag ourselves home at 1 am and then headed out in the am for the LONG trip home. The storms and crazy drivers made it sooooo long

So with my night of worries behind me, I hope today brings a little brightness just as my weekend did!!!!!

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THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

hope it was just those little worres that sometimes creep up to nibble at our subconscious. XOXOXO coming your way because XOXO ALWAYS seem to help anything! Love you much.