Sunday, March 11, 2012

Creativity Heals- Project Life Week 10

Today, family has all gone home and I was left to my own devices. Creativity was in order. I am again doing project life this year. It was nice to get all the pics in place this week. I am playing with some of the other inserts this week.
I was not thrilled with my weekly title insert, but again I just move on and no longer obsess about it.
Here is the two page spread with an extra insert in-between.

The left side includes a couple of cards from flowers I received. I also received a beautiful tree with a marker with my dad's name on it to plant in his memory from Barbara and Tommy. It was very touching for me and I look forward to planting it.
Here is the right side, below you can see that I added a tab to the insert. The insert are all photos from my fathers funeral held at The Bakersfield National Cemetery.
I had made a dollie with a picture of my mother and dad since they are buried together. But we could not leave that or the flag there as it was against the rules.
The backside above has more pictures. and a journaling card listing some favorite memories I have of my father.

The right side has some more pics. The text on the flowers and the picture of Rachel and I were done with an iPhone app called Phonto. Fun to play with them. I still love the project life format and love that i can do as little or a lot each week.

I finished off our morning scrapping a filmstrip I had lying around of Garrett and I. It took me a whole 15 mins but made me laugh and smile for an hour.

Overall, I love my family so very much and am soooo glad they were here this past weekend. I look forward to moving on, getting back to a new routine knowing my father and mother are reunited and happy.

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