Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy 4

Things I am happy for today.
1. I woke up before the alarm feeling good, happy.
2. I wore really clothes to work, not work clothes (khakis)
3. I got to have lunch today!
4. I had pie at 4 pm.
5. I finished three piles on my desk today.
6. I drank two full glasses of water, not just one today.
7. Ran two miles on the treadmill (because I had pie)
8. No patient problems. No staff problems.
9. I bought a pair of tory burch black ballet flats.
10. Pastrami is the devil and my devil makes a YUMMY SANDWICH with it.
11. My nieces are A-ok alone in Washington State.
12. My bitty kitty loves me. He told me.
13. My sissy poo thinks I'm FABULOUS
14. Spray tan is not that bad!
15. The UPS man thinks I am Richards daughter !!!!!!!!!
16. Tomorrow is Saturday and I am gonna sleep till I wake up on my own.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Feeling ...

I am feeling a little off today, worrying last night about things I have no control over and probably should not worry about, but.... what can I say. It go me thinking about my fun, restful weekend which got me out of my funk a little bit.

Started my Friday with a repeat trip to the ortho for a nasty piece of calcium in my shoulder that keeps given me trouble. Hopefully since therapy did not work, the injection I received will calm it down.

We then headed to San Diego to see my sissy poo Foo Foo (lisa) and we started happy hour with frosted animal cookies thanks to Richie. (insert Ugh here). WE ate the whole bag, we love them and they are FATTENING!!!!!!
Next Steve, Lisa's neighbor made us his famous Mai Tai's YUMMO
Then a little pizza and off to party city to try and find Tori some Lion ears. While we could not find any, we did play a little dress up. Below are the three amigos.
And a couple of pimp daddies. LOL

Saturday am, Richard and I took off to look at the blue star stoves he is wanting to purchase. He cooks ALOT and wants a better free standing stove, and this sucker will do the the trick.
That night I headed to the Lady Antebellum concert with Lisa, Rebbecca and a group or their friends in a motor home. I cam well prepared.
A little country doesn't hurt anyone.
We went to the meet n great with Thompson Square, they sing Lisa and Rebecca's song and foo foo got her hat signed.
Sunset before the concert started.
We drag ourselves home at 1 am and then headed out in the am for the LONG trip home. The storms and crazy drivers made it sooooo long

So with my night of worries behind me, I hope today brings a little brightness just as my weekend did!!!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Creativity Heals- Project Life Week 10

Today, family has all gone home and I was left to my own devices. Creativity was in order. I am again doing project life this year. It was nice to get all the pics in place this week. I am playing with some of the other inserts this week.
I was not thrilled with my weekly title insert, but again I just move on and no longer obsess about it.
Here is the two page spread with an extra insert in-between.

The left side includes a couple of cards from flowers I received. I also received a beautiful tree with a marker with my dad's name on it to plant in his memory from Barbara and Tommy. It was very touching for me and I look forward to planting it.
Here is the right side, below you can see that I added a tab to the insert. The insert are all photos from my fathers funeral held at The Bakersfield National Cemetery.
I had made a dollie with a picture of my mother and dad since they are buried together. But we could not leave that or the flag there as it was against the rules.
The backside above has more pictures. and a journaling card listing some favorite memories I have of my father.

The right side has some more pics. The text on the flowers and the picture of Rachel and I were done with an iPhone app called Phonto. Fun to play with them. I still love the project life format and love that i can do as little or a lot each week.

I finished off our morning scrapping a filmstrip I had lying around of Garrett and I. It took me a whole 15 mins but made me laugh and smile for an hour.

Overall, I love my family so very much and am soooo glad they were here this past weekend. I look forward to moving on, getting back to a new routine knowing my father and mother are reunited and happy.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Up Early, a little creativity

Was up early, mind going over what the day will bring. So decided to take my mind off the intense and move into my creative side. Saw a quick tutorial on Rhonna Farrer's blog and whipped this little printable up following her tutorial. Printed it and its now in my happy place! I am surrounded with love today.

I will say good bye for the final time today to my Daddy. I know both Mom and Dad will be looking down smiling at their girls and family. I love you both very much.

Monday, March 5, 2012

They are together again

That is how I choose to look at it. My dad joined my mother in heaven yesterday morning at 8:55 am. More quickly than I expected. But mom was always impatient and he was ready. He has missed her for quite some time. I know he is much happier and I had the last 16 months alone with him and we made the most of it.
I was lucky enough to take him to Alaska less than a year ago and he had a wonderful time. I loved seeing it through his eyes. Now as I move forward, my heart is less heavy knowing he is much happier back with his life mate, my mama. Goodbye Daddy, I love you always and forever.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's not any easier...

Its not any easier the second time around. I really don't know if I expected it to be. When I knew my Dad leukemia, I knew it wouldn't be long or easy. Not sure I expected it to be so fast but as my sister said, Mom is in a hurry to see him.

All my sisters are here. Helping each other care for my father as he readies himself to join our mother. Today he is less alert,mostly sleeping, not aware of his surroundings. I am so glad we were able to take him to see Alaska less than a year ago. The picture above was from that trip. So we will take it a minute at a time. Doing what we can to comfort him till he sees Mom again.