Saturday, February 25, 2012


This is a our black lab, Chole (coal). She is my husbands hunting dog. But what you didn't know, and what I would have not believed is she is able to diagnosis Leukemia.
For the past month or six weeks, she has been constantly in my dads part of the house. Lying next to him, getting up on his bed, sleeping at the foot of the bed. I was constantly telling her to leave him alone, thinking she was just hanging with my dad to get Treats. I feared more that she would get in his way and trip him and he would fall and break something. But despite my constant yelling at her to go lay in the other room, she wouldn't. If I could not find Chole, I knew where she would be.

A week ago my dad was in the hospital and we were given the diagnosis of Leukemia. He is seriously ill and to date we still don't know what type of Leukemia as its rare as had to be sent off for genetic mutation diagnosis. But Chole knew dad was sick six weeks ago. I have heard about this but never would have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes. Animals are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.

So for now, we are in a limbo. Waiting for a diagnosis, but given "its bad" talk. Hoping every ones expectations are on the same page. The next couple of weeks I am sure are not gonna be easy but Chole will help us through it.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

It Goes On.

Life, that's what it does, it goes on. Some days life feels like a blur, it has felt like a blur for two weeks and I have not done my project life for these past two weeks, which I will remedy today. However it got me to stop and think about life. Its too short. So I need to stop letting life go by. Unfortunately I have to get my boss to stop letting life go by too and that will help as the long hours is getting really old. I think he is finally seeing the light!!! My life husband now sees life a little differently since he is a stay at home husband. For the last couple of years we have planned a few trips together which has been nice. He takes care of my Dad for me and sees what will happen if we what till retirement to have fun.

Last year we went to Alaska, South Dakota and Yosemite. This year, in the fall we will be going to Philadelphia, Gettysburg and ending the drip in Dover Delaware at a Nascar Race with one of my good friends, Stephanie!! We are looking forward to it and I will get a few more stamps in my National Parks Passport Book!!!

A momentous occasion on my calendar this year is my son's wedding. That within itself would make my year.

And to end out my year, I will be spending Thanksgiving in China!!! Two weeks in china, I am super stoked and can't wait to go. Its on my bucket list and just researching it gets me so excited.

So while my life is sooooo hectic and each day passes by quickly, I know that I have these things to look forward to and its makes the long hours, and no time just that much bearable.!!