Sunday, January 8, 2012

Saturday Frustrations

This weekend I have a lot of commitments on my calendar, both work and home. Both work and home have been more demanding. Well work, can't really get into it but suffice to say "It is what it is". Home is more demanding because my Dads showing signs of dementia, his physical condition is going down drastically with falling and mobility issues which in turn as daughters made us sell his care which in turn depressed him. My father has a tendency for depression and with this, along with inactivity causes dementia to creep in which causes his anger. Sometimes its like have a large two year old. He cries about loosing his mind and wants me to get it back. I tried patiently to explain that he does nothing all day to stimulate his mind, sleeping for the most part and locking himself off in his room. These activities cause his "mind issues to worsen". He refused to go to senior center or support groups or to show for that matter. But he does not remember he refuses at times. Its really tough, stressful and a handful. My sister Lindy, who lives here, comes everyday now in the morning while I am at work and my husband Richard takes care of him in the afternoon cause we can't leave him alone for long periods. My sister Lisa is coming monthly to give us a weekend break. Mornings are his worse time I think. So I penciled in on my calendar that I would take him to the movies Saturday and get him out of the house. My sister Lisa told me the theaters have headsets for hard of hearing customers so they can hear the movie better. So .... I woke him up Saturday at 9 am. Lets repeat I had to wake him up five times to get him out of bed. Made him breakfast. He was eating when I left him, then was to take a shower. I went to jump into the shower. I came back 30 mins later, he was BACK IN BED. Ugh Dad, get up, why are you doing? I went back to bed he said. I said we are going to the movies now get up NOW. I had to get really stern. I left to get my coffee, came back, STILL IN BED. I said if you don't get up now, you are not going and you can lay here all day moping about your brain!!!!

I know kinda mean, but its tough. Really tough on me. My kids are grown, it's my time and now I have a child again. I don't resent it, I love him dearly but typing this on my blog really helps.! Anyhow he got up, showered and off we went 35 minutes behind schedule. Got him up to the movie, then to the restroom, then up to a seat and head sets in place.

I ran and got my popcorn, cause I cannot see any movie in a theater without popcorn. Dad grabbed a handful. Now, he can't eat half the things that Richard cooks cause he can't chew them, but he sure can eat popcorn. Go figure. We saw War Horse. I had really wanted to see the play in NYC but didn't make it. The movie was really good. The cinematography was delicious. It was a moving, gone with the wind type movie. Some happy parts, some sad parts but ended right where I though it should. Not so much about war, but about a horse and friendship, loyalty. I loved it. I cried, I laughed and the best part my Dad LOVED it. He thanked me a million times for taking him. So I guess all my frustration earlier in the day paid off to see his enjoyment. So now back to all the other commitments, but glad I had a few hours showing my Dad there is more to life than his room.

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