Sunday, January 1, 2012

Project Life 2012

Well, I can't hardly believe it but I finished my 2011 project life. I absolutely love this project by Becky Higgins. I can't say enough about it. Its great to highlight everyday life and I love love love it.
Mine ended up being two volumes. The second volume is July to December.
I have a little trouble trying to take pics of the pages though. Below is one of the thanksgiving pages. that I love the family word art.
Christmas required two additional inserts to get all my pics in.
I am not so obsessed with getting just the right photo and lighting but more with telling the story.
I love how I can size the pics to fit in this baseball card insert.

Adding a few embellishments here and there.
I used an odd size insert I found in a drawer.
What I really found with project life was the amount of journaling I have done. Much more than I do with my traditional scrapbooking.
I think all my family and friend see me coming and know I am gonna take pics. I have even trained my husband who takes pics for my project life. My iPhone has been used a hundred times this year which is great when my canon is not with me which really helps.

So today I unpack 2012 version. My story, my Way.

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