Saturday, December 8, 2012


This is the city wall around the downtown portion of Xian.  Little blurry as I took it while driving.

 The warriors are located in three big buildings, kinda like hangers to help protect them.  The have not excavated all of them.  Some are even left buried till the have the technology to preserve the color on them, which was done with vegetable dye.
 Photographing them was difficult due to the lighting.

 Each one is different, modeled on an actual soldier.
 They hand dig them still today, cup by cup.
 Below here is an unexcavated portion

 Below is a pit of the generals.  You can tell by their big bellies.

 Below is a kiln where warrior reproductions are made, similar to how they were made centuries ago

 At the factory, they also make lacquer furniture that is just beautiful with the jade carving.

 Here is the oldest village known, from 6000 years ago.  It was raining and the fountain out front was really pretty.

 Too funny that they had a sign saying western style bathroom, which means a sit down toilet. YIPEE

 Below, they buried you with your prize possessions, which was pottery 6000 years ago.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

China Here I Come, Ready of Not

Well in two days I will be heading out for my trip with The Lee's to china.  Not sure I am ready, but I am packed and my carry on is packed and I will keep my fingers crossed.  I have really over thought everything I think and now its making me a little nutsy.

As I finish off some details for Richard, I wanted to promote Holiday Phone as I will be using them for my iPad and phone while in china.  They have affordable data and voice plans as using your ATT iphone there will be 1.99 minute and per mb sooooo I will give holiday phone a whirl.  The shipped my  standard and micro cards quickly and I will have to update you on how they work.  Hopefully I will be able to post to my blog while I am away as Facebook is blocked in China, not sure about Hong Kong.

Wish me luck.  I did pick up my new Ford Explorer Sport Yesterday.  She sure is pretty. That's right she and I am calling her black beauty as her twin turbo echo boost V6 motor has lots of horsepower and I am looking forward to breaking her inn when I return back after Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hershey, PA

Obviously I am catching up on all my "life art" this week. My goal is to finish putting pics in my Pennsylvania and Dover book as well as start my base for my China Book.  This am, I put in some pics from Hershey, PA.  We made our own chocolate bar and took the tour of Hershey. I never knew about the school there and all that he has done.  Very cool.  My favorite part was the street lights that were Hershey Kisses. So cute.  Enjoy your Tuesday.

 Below we were getting ready to make our own chocolate bar.  Loving the hats LOL!!