Saturday, December 31, 2011

Here's to a Fabulous 2012

In the past I have made a New Years Resolution only to be disappointed on 12-31 that I didn't accomplish it. Part of the problem is that I put myself last and everyone else first. My job takes 90% of my time and has for the past 20 Years as 2012 marks the 20th year in practice with GEC. Twenty years ago I thought by this time I would not be working 10 hours a day and would have Fridays off allowing me to enjoy life more. But Alas instead I am work 13 to 14 hours a day five days a week with no hope of having a four day work week. I guess I can only blame myself as I have such a strong work ethic and a friendship that eats at my conscience which prevents me from doing anything less that what I do now. So I have to stop obsessing about it.

But what I will do is go in a little later some days and with my Dad's health and dementia coming on, I will have to not work as late and say NO. That's the biggest problem. Its hard to take over care of a parent when they can no longer care for themselves. Its a daily argument about remembering as he cannot remember well now. He can't processes much at once and is depressed. Its a lot to handle. And since Richard is here the most, I can't leave Dad with him all day and then till 8 pm. So I have to get home sooner.

I hope to spend more times with friends and to travel two new places this year. Looking back on last year I loved my Alaska pictures and my south Dakota pictures. I will be planning a trip to Yellowstone and the grand Tetons to continue my quest to get more stamps in my National Parks Passport book and hopefully take Richard to a night Nascar Race.

So here is to a FABULOUS FABULOUS 2012. I finished every week in my project life book for 2011 and look forward to 2012.

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