Sunday, November 27, 2011


Had family thanksgiving weekend and everyone just hit the road. It was a wonderful weekend.
The iPhone comes in handy for all the silly shots. Foo Foo came from San Diego with Rebbecca and their friend Rookie. We are always laughing.
sisters laughing about something.
I begged my husband and children for a family photo. They refused the weed shot I wanted but at least I got one.
Turkey was served. This is the second one Garrett has now fried, so in his opinion he is an expert.
Our family tradition is to color the mash potatoes. Delaney picked yellow for the color this year.
Delaney, Addy and me, Yes we are saying cheese.

But the funniest thing was my grand puppy Pepper. She has a bad habit of of jumping up at the table like she's a person, wanting a bite. Garrett gets so mad at me cause I laugh at her and try to take her picture and he forbade me to post the picture below.

But how could I not, she just wanting a little turkey. So so so funny. So Garrett, I am sorry, but I can't help it and promise to try and be a sterner Grammy. Oh so thankful

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