Saturday, November 12, 2011

Remembering Nana

Nana, Richards mother, our children's Nana. She passed away Thursday and for once I know what "she's in a better place" means. She has battled dementia for a few years now and was not the Nana we knew and loved. When I think of Nana the first thing that comes to my mind is the pea soup green blankie below that my so carried around for many many years.
He wouldn't go anywhere without it and his Nana is the one who gave it to him or as she would tell you, he picked out. What was special about it was that the pictures that are on it, my husband painted with liquid embroidery as a child, during times that he had to entertain himself when his brother Michael was in the hospital. Nana had made it into a baby quilt and it's the one Garrett picked. I know Garrett may kill me, but he slept with that blanket, or should I say pieces of the blanket well past adolescence. It gave him comfort. The smell, the feel. It's what Nana did for Garrett when he was a baby a toddler until the age of 5 when baseball took over.

When I was trying to find pictures of Nana with Garrett and Rachel I realized how close Garrett was with Nana the first five years of his life. I have a million pics of Garrett during this time, but very few with Nana in them as she was the one taking them. Changing his clothes and taking more and more pictures.
Here is Nana with her mom, Grandma Nickel, Diana and Rebecca at my wedding. She was beautiful that day.
I found the picture above when Nana was 5 with her Mom and Dad and her brother Jimmy.
Both the pic above and below are from our wedding. Really love how she looked that day.
Awh Nana and her Garrett below on his second birthday. I was pregnant and in school during this time. Garrett was Nana's constant companion.

Below is Nana and Garrett in Balch Park. They would take the grand kids camping in balch park. This trip, they forgot Garrett's Alf doll and blankie both. Lets just say it was a little rough for a few days without it. That never happened again.

I would go on and on. Rachel spend many days and nights with her Nana too but she was more of a mama's girl. I have boxes and boxes of pictures to go through and many memories to jot down along with them.

So another day will go by and we will think of another memory to tuck away. Richard doesn't talk much about his childhood. What I do know of it is that his childhood, his family, his memories changed with the death of his brother Michael when he was nine. But with Nana's passing, I think he feels that she is finally happy, reuniting with Michael, something she has longed for 49 years.

So tonight I will be remember the mother, the Nana she was. I will always cherish the love she gave to my children, a love only a grandmother can show.

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