Saturday, November 19, 2011


Funny how births and death seem to get families together. Yesterday was the day we laid Nana to rest. I took a pic, right or wrong but wanted to continue to document everyday life. Project life makes me think about the little things. Even though is was freezing cold, I think Nana would have loved her service. Rebecca wrote a lovely poem and a few songs summed up what everyone was feeling.
I snapped a couple of photos but my camera mostly layer idle, maybe a little depressed as Nana Always took pics. But thankful for all the family I have. I hope they know how much I love them.
My great niece Hanna was sweet and joyful, reminding me a lot of Rachie when she was the same age.
Rachie is just as sweet today as she was wen she was a baby.

So today I know Nana is in a better place and is reunited with those who went before her. We will miss you Nana and your family though separated by distance misses you and will always remember you with found memories.

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THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

nice tribute & some lovely pictures as well.