Sunday, October 23, 2011

This Man

There is a lot I could say about this man.... There is a lot I could say to this man that I have never and may never say. There are only a handful of people who have made a big impact on my nursing career. Its no surprise that Tommy Lee is the biggest influence on my career, my life really. But I would have to say the second biggest is Craig Saunders, a cardiothoracic surgeon. The man in this picture. But he would never have ever experienced my wonderfulness if it was not for the third biggest influence which would be Cindy Sumner who was my preceptor but really she shaped me to be the nurse I am today.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Craig last weekend for a little bit. Its been 20 years since he left Bakersfield but seemed like yesterday not nearly 25 years ago. As a brand new nurse in the Open Heart Recovery Unit at BMH. I was the first "new grad" they let start in the unit, Cindy took it upon herself to train me, her way, the right way. Craig scared the shit out of me the first year. He could look at you and I thought I would pass out. I was so afraid I would do something wrong. But he would make a comment about what I was doing, something I did right, explain why he was doing what he was doing and tell me what I did wrong and I slowly gained confidence in my abilities. I wanted to be the best and I knew after two years that I was one of the best. He requested me to take the sickest patients which at times caused a lot of grief with my coworkers. There are times he would leave to go home (i worked the night shift) and say don't call me, handle it and I would. It forced me to be a thinker, to problem solve and figure things out. Something I do today, everyday. I never put a lot of thought into how he influenced me until last week and I just sat there during dinner remembering, thinking. Thankful for his influence.

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