Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lessons Learned

I have learned many new things this year about myself. I am more in tuned with my body since starting bioidentical hormones in January. Trying to be healthier, live longer, feel better. What I have noticed is I no longer can drink alcohol like I used to. It causes total body upheaval like flu but worse. Not sure the mechanism but I was sick all day Saturday with nearly needing to go to the ER from dehydration. Richard was gone but Rachie took care of me. My dad was also is having an emotional upset causing him to feel ill too. Its almost a year since mom died and he is depressed. So I was in bed all day and night. At 2:15 am I was awakened by smoke. I had my window open and I the smoke came into my bedroom. Right outside was a grass fire. Up I flew, called the fire department and went outside with the hose hoping to keep it from spreading to our house. I felt horrible but this is how it looks this morning.

Its still smouldering this morning but glad it was contained. I was worried about Roaree last night as he would not come in and while the fireman were putting our the grass fire Roaree was roaming around their truck. I just knew he was going to get stuck. But he jumped off as they drove away, THANK GOD as Richie would have killed me (he is oot). So not so much fun.


THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

never a dull moment huh?? I guess the cocktail hour will be come the cocktail minute .... hope all is leveling off now!!

theresa said...

OMG! I thought the alcohol thing was just me. I had to fly home the next day and thought I was going to die. I'm still trying to recover.....2 days later!

Cindy Welch said...

I'm still not well. I just can't believe it was only the etoh!!