Monday, October 24, 2011

Gourmet Club this past weekend at the Sutherland abode. Theme was fall. Was a fun time. I of course made a signature cocktail called The Stiletto. Which was only 100 calories and delicious blackberry flavor. Yum.

Tom and Barbara
Debbie Sue and I
The two men on my life. My work husband and my real husband.
We had prime rib, yummy fall salad and butternut pasta dish.
Here's a close up of my signature cocktail which combined blackberries mulled with splenda simple syrup, Gin, fresh lime juice.
Food and drink my favorite pic. I did not get a pic of the butternut and acorn squash soup which by far was my favorite.
Beautiful fall table. Nancy did a beautiful job.

Our hosts, The Sutherland's. Nancy and Bo.

Richard made two pecan pies and we had to choose which we liked best. I choose the one on the left.

Fun night and the closure of 2011 Gourmet Club.

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