Sunday, October 30, 2011

Remembering Mom

Tomorrow it will be a year since my Mom passed away. We each choose to remember in our own way. Dad is, well is depressed which is no surprise. It has been coming on for two weeks now. I choose to say I miss you and just look at a few pics. I miss you mom.

Love you....

Monday, October 24, 2011

Gourmet Club this past weekend at the Sutherland abode. Theme was fall. Was a fun time. I of course made a signature cocktail called The Stiletto. Which was only 100 calories and delicious blackberry flavor. Yum.

Tom and Barbara
Debbie Sue and I
The two men on my life. My work husband and my real husband.
We had prime rib, yummy fall salad and butternut pasta dish.
Here's a close up of my signature cocktail which combined blackberries mulled with splenda simple syrup, Gin, fresh lime juice.
Food and drink my favorite pic. I did not get a pic of the butternut and acorn squash soup which by far was my favorite.
Beautiful fall table. Nancy did a beautiful job.

Our hosts, The Sutherland's. Nancy and Bo.

Richard made two pecan pies and we had to choose which we liked best. I choose the one on the left.

Fun night and the closure of 2011 Gourmet Club.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

This Man

There is a lot I could say about this man.... There is a lot I could say to this man that I have never and may never say. There are only a handful of people who have made a big impact on my nursing career. Its no surprise that Tommy Lee is the biggest influence on my career, my life really. But I would have to say the second biggest is Craig Saunders, a cardiothoracic surgeon. The man in this picture. But he would never have ever experienced my wonderfulness if it was not for the third biggest influence which would be Cindy Sumner who was my preceptor but really she shaped me to be the nurse I am today.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Craig last weekend for a little bit. Its been 20 years since he left Bakersfield but seemed like yesterday not nearly 25 years ago. As a brand new nurse in the Open Heart Recovery Unit at BMH. I was the first "new grad" they let start in the unit, Cindy took it upon herself to train me, her way, the right way. Craig scared the shit out of me the first year. He could look at you and I thought I would pass out. I was so afraid I would do something wrong. But he would make a comment about what I was doing, something I did right, explain why he was doing what he was doing and tell me what I did wrong and I slowly gained confidence in my abilities. I wanted to be the best and I knew after two years that I was one of the best. He requested me to take the sickest patients which at times caused a lot of grief with my coworkers. There are times he would leave to go home (i worked the night shift) and say don't call me, handle it and I would. It forced me to be a thinker, to problem solve and figure things out. Something I do today, everyday. I never put a lot of thought into how he influenced me until last week and I just sat there during dinner remembering, thinking. Thankful for his influence.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lessons Learned

I have learned many new things this year about myself. I am more in tuned with my body since starting bioidentical hormones in January. Trying to be healthier, live longer, feel better. What I have noticed is I no longer can drink alcohol like I used to. It causes total body upheaval like flu but worse. Not sure the mechanism but I was sick all day Saturday with nearly needing to go to the ER from dehydration. Richard was gone but Rachie took care of me. My dad was also is having an emotional upset causing him to feel ill too. Its almost a year since mom died and he is depressed. So I was in bed all day and night. At 2:15 am I was awakened by smoke. I had my window open and I the smoke came into my bedroom. Right outside was a grass fire. Up I flew, called the fire department and went outside with the hose hoping to keep it from spreading to our house. I felt horrible but this is how it looks this morning.

Its still smouldering this morning but glad it was contained. I was worried about Roaree last night as he would not come in and while the fireman were putting our the grass fire Roaree was roaming around their truck. I just knew he was going to get stuck. But he jumped off as they drove away, THANK GOD as Richie would have killed me (he is oot). So not so much fun.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Orange Glow

Last night as I was driving home the moon was shining in the sky and glowed a pretty orange. I was memorized by the color. It was saying Hello Fall to me.

After getting my Dad fed I ran out side with my camera and tripod to snap a shot. It was not a orange as it had been an hour earlier but pretty nonetheless.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Just a few shots of my Yosemite trip. Above is a meadow early this am on the way to Glacier Point. With the storms last week there is snow in the higher elevations. The mist was so magical.
Richard and Rachie at Glacier point with half dome in the background
Bridal falls from Glacier point.
A bear paw print in the snow.
Rachie and I at mariposa Grove

At Tenya Lake with snow all around
Bridal falls from below

Me and my baby.

Had a great time and I got two more stamps in my national parks passport book Whoo Hoo.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Baby Jackson

I had the pleasure of taking Sally and Mike Shamblins maternity pictures last weekend. I honestly can say I almost feel like Jackson's grammy. Mike is one of my sons best friends and sally almost like a second daughter. Thanks God she let me take them.
I was super nervous as I just like to take pictures as a hobby but I am really happy how they turned out.

It was hot and the sun was blaring down but sally was a trooper. Mike was too. I probably got 30 good shots so over all I cant ask for anything else.

Here's to Sally, a BEAUTIFUL mommy to be and Mike I just know you will be the best Dad ever. I love you both very very much!!!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

LIttle fair photo booth

A little photobooth fun at The Great Kern County Fair.

Rachel humored me as she knows I need pics. Lots of pics.

So we may look stupid, funny, dorky but we will have it forever.

I think I need a photobooth at my funeral LOL!!!!!

Awh Friday

These past two weeks have been packed full of stress at work nut today is Friday and I am soooo happy. Heading to Yosemite in the am and I am gonna fill my eyes and camera with beautiful memories. So Hello Friday!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Something Special

Just a little sneak peak of the cute subject I was able to shoot yesterday.
I didn't want to post any others until the little mommy was able to see them. But I did get a few goods ones (thank god).