Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day Two SD

Day two in South Dakota. We had a great breakfast served by our b&b hot Mark then headed to jewel caves to get another stamp in my national park passport book.

Our next destination was Custer State Park. However on the way we made a pit stop at the National Woodworking Museum. It's very interesting.

One of the original Disney animators from the 40's carving on display here.

Then off to Custer State Park. It was beautiful and big. Halfway through we veered off on the way to Windcave to get another stamp in my passport book when we ran into this majestic site.

Over two hundred Bison up close and personal. All these photos were taken with my iPhone. I can't wait to see the ones I took on my canon 7d!

We also saw antelope, deer, goats, burros and praire dogs. Over all a great day. Today we are off to deadwood. Fun times!

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THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

you are REALLY making good use of your time there. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!