Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day Two SD

Day two in South Dakota. We had a great breakfast served by our b&b hot Mark then headed to jewel caves to get another stamp in my national park passport book.

Our next destination was Custer State Park. However on the way we made a pit stop at the National Woodworking Museum. It's very interesting.

One of the original Disney animators from the 40's carving on display here.

Then off to Custer State Park. It was beautiful and big. Halfway through we veered off on the way to Windcave to get another stamp in my passport book when we ran into this majestic site.

Over two hundred Bison up close and personal. All these photos were taken with my iPhone. I can't wait to see the ones I took on my canon 7d!

We also saw antelope, deer, goats, burros and praire dogs. Over all a great day. Today we are off to deadwood. Fun times!

Custer South Dakota

Hi there from South Dakota. We are here to visit Mt Rushmore and the surrounding area as it's something on my bucket list. On arrival the thunder storms rolled in making day 1 a challenge. First stop Cabelas

Richard was in heaven. The bad part is we drove by a hobby lobby and I didn't get to stop! So just had a few laughs

I think it's a good look for me! Any how we then headed to Bear Country USA as my twin said it was the bomb. We had minor pit stop to get rich his beer and ice. Gotta keep him happy. We saw lots f beautiful animals but it was pouring rain and most my pics on my dslr but here's an iPhone shot

We saw over 50 bears some bison,elk,deer,wolves and baby bears but it was really pouring then.

We then headed to Mt Rushmore. I was a little bum bed cause it was pouring but it was still MAJESTIC and we are gonna come back as we will be by there again.

After viewing the mountain and getting our national parks passport books stamped we headed to Custer and Jakes Bed and Breakfast. This place is BEAUTIFUL and I will have to do a blog post later about it. I highly recommend it. Here is one pic of our room.

So today sun is shunning and a warm latte is in my hand. Today we will tackle Custer national park

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Feet

Several years ago I made my family their stockings and our tree skirt. Of course it had beats and elk on them. Since Garrett has moved to his new home he wanted stockings and a tree skirt of his own. Of his own design too. His request was a penguin with an Atlanta braves hat.

Well I finally have finished the pattern out of paper of course. I am a long way from the finished product but happy to have the pattern ready so that I can go shopping for the material.
One thing is for sure, He will have a one of a kind stocking. One I hope that each Christmas he puts it up or puts the tree skirt around his tree he will think of his mama.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Whew, where does the time go

Where does the time go? I never ever have enough of it. Part of the reason is how much I work. I know now that is not gonna change. I was hoping someday that I would be able to cut down to four days a week, but this past week it was made perfectly clear by the man in charge that it was not possible, ever! I kinda regret my strong work ethic, my ability to do three peoples jobs, the art of multi-tasking right about now. While it's made me indispensable it has also taken my time away. Time away from my children, time away from family, time away from my friends, time away from myself. I guess the up side is I am able to support my family with Richard not working and my children are now grown and seam well adjusted and happy. I have the ability to travel a little and see some things on my bucket list which brings me to my next topic. SOUTH DAKOTA.

I have to head to INDY for our EMR training. With all the new governmental regulations these days, we had to upgrade of electronic medical records which requires more training and I need to get trained so in turn I can train others. Sooooo on the way to INDY Richard and I are making a pit stop at.
Mt Rushmore. It is on my bucket list. I am super excited. WE will be there three days and will be hitting Custer state park, Jade Cave National Park, Bear Country and Cabelas store of course. On out last days we will be going to...
The city of DEADWOOD. Love the old western town . Then we are of to INDY.
I have rented Richard a Camaro to use while we are there and I am tied up all day and night.
He is going to Hit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Gander Mountain and who knows what else. Should be a fun trip.

Wish me luck.