Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hello Nine

Its early morning Saturday and I am up and adam early, partly because my grand puppy pepper loves to get up before the crack of dawn!! Anyhow heading to LA for some shopping with my twin Lindy and her two girls for back to school and Rachie coming along for some mama and daughter time.

Coming up quick my bowling league. My twin Lindy, her husband Kenny and I are on a team and Hong (little piggy) will join our team. Lindy and I feel our bowling is just not up to par cause we need shirts. The design I came up with is below. Hello Nine is our team name. Why, cause we are constantly bowling 9, where are the strikes UGH. So that's our name. Our shirts are gonna be HOT PINK, not the light pink below. Really love the king pin on the back and cute font for our names on the front. It matches our bowling shoes which are pink and black and of course my ball is Leopard and Lindy's is pink and black flames. I am totally sure this shirt is gonna improve our game!!!!!!!!!! We are getting them from embroidMe and the back is gonna be screen printed instead of embroidered as getting a big design embroidered is not cheap. So I will let you know how they turn out. Can't wait. Have a super fun Saturday.

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THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

I cant wait to see the picture with ALL of you decked out- make sure someone is standing backwards so we get the full affect!!!! GREAT choice... I KNOW it will make a HUGE difference in your scores! xoxo