Saturday, August 27, 2011

He is creative... I will give him that

I have had a really rough week this week. Lots of ups and downs and a little reflection on myself that I didn't much like. I really could not wait till the weekend. For one I wanted to sleep in. That means past 4:30 am. Well made it to 5:30 am thanks to Pepper. She is staying with us while Garrett & Heather are in Monterrey for her sisters wedding. So got up and started cleaning up my happy place. I can't find my SD card for point n shoot camera. Ugh and as usual I have five projects going, mostly Xmas stuff already. With the hours I work I can't wait to the last minute. Anyway I headed to my tanning appointment, target to grab a couple of items and then homeward bound. I was starving. But what to eat. Richard said there is left over pot roast. I opened my mouth and said I didn't like the first time around (pot roast is just not my thing) why would I like it the second go around.

Well boy was I WRONG. He whipped me up this little beauty.
A little beef tostada. It was crispy and the pot roast was mixed with taco sauce and then he melted the cheese on the meet before putting it on the shell and topped it with lettuce, tomato and avocado. YUMMY. Just what a starving girl needed. Loved it. So now I am off to try to finish a project of too, I think a little Purple Rain might be in order.

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