Sunday, July 31, 2011

Project Life | Week 30

This week has been super hectic, mainly because work was out of control and I was also participating in Ali Edwards Week in the Life. To top it off my weekend is full of all the things I can't do during the week and today I was on a jam and cupcake making mission.

So here is Week 30 side by side. As you can see I need to but haven't split my book up. I am going to put it in two albums as I have so many inserts it wont fit in one and I will put them in damask books that match my room. Not crazy about the album colors. I am so glad next year we can just buy the insides as I want to make my own.

This past week started with Richie's birthday, I made strawberry jam and we had the garage door replaced that Garrett and Pepper ran into. I had both my children in one place at one time and was able to snap one picture.
Below is the right side, showing my new mini instax camera that the kids bought me for my birthday, Richies birthday cake and the pattern for Garretts xmas stocking. The last picture was the phone and data trouble I had last sunday which took most of my day to correct stealing away my precious weekend.
Now I am off to put together my week in the life book . I just realized I have 800 photos on my iphone. I took so many this past week!!

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