Sunday, June 26, 2011

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A photo from my project life book. The home my parents owned when I was born.

Funny I only have memories of this placed through photographs. But my Dad has so many fond memories of this house and with my mom and us. I am glad she took a picture... I think I have her scrapbooking without even knowing it!!!!


THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...
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THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

WOW- it looks TOTALLY different! (well, duh) When we lived there, it didn't have the retaining wall (so the lawn mowing was REALLY difficult!!) and the was a HUGE weeping willow in the yard. The branches came ALL the way to the ground all around it & I spent a lot of time sitting under in. It was my version of a playhouse. I remember it well ..... our first color tv, our first flocked Christmas tree, the first of my baby sisters, my first boyfriend!!