Sunday, May 1, 2011


Six months ago my Mama went to heaven. I miss her everyday. Yesterday was a very bad day for my Dad. I thought he was doing okay then we watch a movie called get low and the ending just broke him down and he cried and cried uncontrollably. I felt so bad for him. Heartbroken for him. He still is grieving so much and I thought he was getting better but it just takes one thing to push you back over. He feels unworthy of being alive and felt he never did enough for mom. I reassured him that he did and was a wonderful husband and great father. I think he is better today and I hope looking forward to our Alaska trip in three weeks. I am gonna go visit mom on mothers day and will take him along. I think it will make him feel better. I miss you mama. So does Dad.

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foo said...

I miss her too so very much. Mothers day will be the first time I have gone to moms grave since she passed. I am going to take another picture of the oak tree that watches over her & turn it into a memorial tattoo for me to wear.