Monday, May 2, 2011

Minnie Minky

When my mom was sick in the hospital before her death, I spent the night with her. The only thing those nights that brought comfort to me and to Lisa was my pink and brown leopard Minkie blanket that Suzanne Zingg from strawberry patches had made for me. It was soft, warm, comfort - Love. The day after my mom died I made my sister Lisa a minkie blanket of her own. She has slept with it every since. A month or so ago she mentioned to me that she needed a mini one so she could sleep with it during the summer and it would not be so hot, but she could still feel its comfort.

Well I headed to Strawberry Patches and picked up some minkie to whip her up one. Now I may be able to scrap and take a few photos, but sewing is not a forte. It was hard enough to make the big one and maybe this smaller one was a tad easier.
All I can say is that its filled with love every crooked stitch , but I am sure she'll love it and will be able to take it on our Alaska vacation with Dad as it will fit in her suitcase.!! I tell ya one thing, I am gonna have to take some sewing lessons before my grand kids come along!!!


Foo said...

I love my minkie! & I will love my mini minkie. the night out mom died Cindy brought me her minkie to sleep with just like in the hospital. it was all the comfort i had. then she made me my own & it not only keeps my mommy close to my heart, it keeps my sissy close too. I love you sissy & I miss you mommy.

Suzanne said...

There are some magical powers in those Minky blankee's I'll tell you. I cuddle with mine all year through and made my son one when he was first diagnosed with ALS. Jeff keep that blanket with him where ever he went - vacation, hospital and finally to the hospice house. It brought him so much comfort and I always felt he could feel my love when he was rapped up in it. I've been selling fabric for thirty years but never have sold anything as loving and comforting as Minky.

So glad your blanket has comforted you and your family through some tough times.