Thursday, May 5, 2011

Get Naked

Life here at the Welch Abode is never without Yummy food thanks to my hubby Richard. The Pioneer Woman is his new favorite cook second only to Paula Deen. Butter and cream are his two favorite ingredients. Richard takes my ipad each day and looks at her daily recipe. They are always good. Well two days ago I was looking at her site as I often do and came across these brownies called Knock You Naked Brownies . They looked delicious and I have had a tough couple of weeks and its just what I needed. I grabbed my ipad and ran into the kitchen and said look at these "Get You Naked Brownies" He stopped and looked at me and said well if it gets you naked I am making them. I started laughing.

So yesterday I came home and there they were. I can tell ya, they are good enough to get you naked. Gooey goodness. I could not wait to scarf down my dinner to eat this brownie. I had such a rough day yesterday, in fact for the past three weeks its been really really rough at work and just a little bit of chocolate and the day just got a little better.


Suzanne said...

Oooo that's mean - seeing that big ol square of chocolaty goodness right there on my monitor.

THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

and to think .... it was ALL in the name of nakedness (from a man's point of view) XO

Candra said... should think about starving wives in Africa when you post such things! lol