Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hello from Seward Alaska

Been on a cruise ship for a week with no Internet ! Well not one I was willing to pay for! Been a little bumpy as my dad got sick and now Lisa but overall having a great time! Heading off the ship to Denali today. Will be home Wednesday night. I have taken thousands of pics but so far not one bear! Keep your fingers crossed!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Project LIfe

Wow, my life is soooo hectic. So much going on at work plus I leave next Saturday for Alaska. I have had to pack for myself and my dad along with the long hours of work so its been super busy. I am still keeping up with project life and my book is really coming along. Here is yesterdays entry. I plan to blog as much as possible while I am gone as long there is wifi!! Enjoy your week.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Mothers today is bittersweet. It's the first without my Mama. She never made a big deal about mothers day. I always remembered her, getting her something little to let her know how much I loved her. I hope she knew that. I miss her very very much, today more than ever.

We took Dad up to see her grave today and put some pretty flowers on her grave.
It was really chilly today. Hence the mismatched dress. It was hard on Dad. But alas its only been six months.

But I know she is in heaven and smiling down on us. She would love the flowers we got her. They smelled so pretty and showed how much we love her. What it showed me is to tell my two babies how much I love them, how proud I am of them and how perfect I think they are. I never want them to doubt that I know how much they love me.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Get Naked

Life here at the Welch Abode is never without Yummy food thanks to my hubby Richard. The Pioneer Woman is his new favorite cook second only to Paula Deen. Butter and cream are his two favorite ingredients. Richard takes my ipad each day and looks at her daily recipe. They are always good. Well two days ago I was looking at her site as I often do and came across these brownies called Knock You Naked Brownies . They looked delicious and I have had a tough couple of weeks and its just what I needed. I grabbed my ipad and ran into the kitchen and said look at these "Get You Naked Brownies" He stopped and looked at me and said well if it gets you naked I am making them. I started laughing.

So yesterday I came home and there they were. I can tell ya, they are good enough to get you naked. Gooey goodness. I could not wait to scarf down my dinner to eat this brownie. I had such a rough day yesterday, in fact for the past three weeks its been really really rough at work and just a little bit of chocolate and the day just got a little better.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Minnie Minky

When my mom was sick in the hospital before her death, I spent the night with her. The only thing those nights that brought comfort to me and to Lisa was my pink and brown leopard Minkie blanket that Suzanne Zingg from strawberry patches had made for me. It was soft, warm, comfort - Love. The day after my mom died I made my sister Lisa a minkie blanket of her own. She has slept with it every since. A month or so ago she mentioned to me that she needed a mini one so she could sleep with it during the summer and it would not be so hot, but she could still feel its comfort.

Well I headed to Strawberry Patches and picked up some minkie to whip her up one. Now I may be able to scrap and take a few photos, but sewing is not a forte. It was hard enough to make the big one and maybe this smaller one was a tad easier.
All I can say is that its filled with love every crooked stitch , but I am sure she'll love it and will be able to take it on our Alaska vacation with Dad as it will fit in her suitcase.!! I tell ya one thing, I am gonna have to take some sewing lessons before my grand kids come along!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Six months ago my Mama went to heaven. I miss her everyday. Yesterday was a very bad day for my Dad. I thought he was doing okay then we watch a movie called get low and the ending just broke him down and he cried and cried uncontrollably. I felt so bad for him. Heartbroken for him. He still is grieving so much and I thought he was getting better but it just takes one thing to push you back over. He feels unworthy of being alive and felt he never did enough for mom. I reassured him that he did and was a wonderful husband and great father. I think he is better today and I hope looking forward to our Alaska trip in three weeks. I am gonna go visit mom on mothers day and will take him along. I think it will make him feel better. I miss you mama. So does Dad.