Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sick Day

Friday started off okay. Work was as usual same old story, busy and working till five while others headed out early to start their weekend. I have to say that I want to be one of the lucky ones who get to head out early on fridays, but alas it still isn't happening. But I had happy hour to look forward to.
A purple caddilac margarita at Mexicali was in order.

Laughing and joking with the friends Nancy and Sara
Kerry, Dawn and Heather.
Went home early for a good nights sleep. I only had two margaritas, but had a cold and had some Sudafed on board as well. Woke up early 5 am Saturday. Got up made coffee and boom nausea hit me, then I spent two hours in the bathroom.

My dad said I was not as young as I used to be, hangover they thought. I thought OK maybe it was the sudafed and the tequila. I got up took a shower and tried to go to the petstore, Didn't make it, got worse barely made it back home where I stayed in bed till 5 am today. Migraine hit on top of the Nausea and vomiting and ugh. I have not had a migraine in years, I was too nauseous to be able to take something and suffered till early this am. I had to cancel my LA shopping trip today and hope I continue to feel OK today. When you only get two days off a week, to spend one in bed really sucks. I guess they are right I am not as young as I used to be. This balance I am trying to get in my life is not working out so well I think. I am going to have to try to work on it a little more.

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Suzanne said...

I know what you mean. Being sick on the weekend totally sucks! If it makes you feel any better, you look really hot in your picture. Take care...and maybe a sick day this week? Balance baby. Balance.