Saturday, April 23, 2011

Grammy and Grandpa

Grammy and Grandpa are babysitting this weekend. Its quite a challenge given the house full of animals we have. My goal is to get lots of pics, BUT that is going to be a challenge.
She is constantly moving, chasing, running. She does not sit still and most of my pictures are blurry, like the one above. But I love the composition of her reflection in the dresser. She was chasing chipper at this point. Plus when I get my big camera out she runs towards me and is too close to shoot. However my iphone is ok., So I will keep trying. Silly girl. She slept with richie, zoey, chole and I and got me up twice in the night. I am so glad I choose to have kids young, I could never do it now!!!!!! WE are leaving her in auntie Rachel's hands tonight while we go to Gourmet club tonight. Should be an interesting weekend.

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