Saturday, March 26, 2011

Transradial Access

This past week, Tommy had an interview with Channel 17 news regarding his new approach for cardiac catheterization which is called transradial approach. The patients really love this approach, its more comfortable and the recovery period is much more pleasant. This process of documenting my life is really interesting in the fact that on this day my stress level was so high, trying to fit everything in, the cases, the interview, the filming not to mention all the patients that he had to see this day. You cant see it on his face, can't feel it when you watch the interview. I so wanted to journal this on my project but the truth is, he is doing the best for his patients despite that in the end, the longer time it takes to perform this procedure, the time it takes to train the staff, try and try all the new equipment and deal with the challenges that come up during the procedure only takes a toll on him. I see it, I feel it but he will never complain. He is self-less, he puts everyone else first and himself last. I admire his dedication, his commitment and sometimes I loose sight of all the good he is doing because I am tied up in the moment, the schedule, the patients waiting and the long hours we will have to put in that day. Oh sigh.

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Burt Cohen said...

Cindy -- thanks for the great story on Transradial Access. I've referenced it in my blog on Angioplasty.Org/PTCA.Org ( -- it's an important issue and one that is gaining acceptance in the U.S. Thanks again.