Saturday, February 19, 2011

So Disappointed

I am so so so disappointed. I had a planned trip to Disneyland today with Rachie. We were meeting my nephew Jason and his family. I love disneyland and have not been there for a few years. I have been looking forward to it for two months. Well the weather was not cooperating. and a storm was moving in. It was predicted to rain here starting at 4 pm and raining all night and today. That meant snow in the mountains making it a challange to get over the grapevine early this am when I was planning on going. Richard was very concerned about me getting stuck. And rain was still predicted sunday. So I canceled. I really wanted to enjoy Disneyland through the eye of my lens this time and see the joy of Delaney's (my great niece) face.

I woke up this morning to super sunny skies, UGH. Looks like some of the rain is still down in San Diego this am and I could have made it and probably had a morning of sunshine. Totally bummed me out. I jumped up and checked the weather and rain all day is predicted. I have thought, I am getting in the car and going for the day. But thats probably not the right thing to do given rain the rest of the day. So I guess I will just play in my happy place and watch all my recorded shows. Oh sigh. Bummer.

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