Thursday, February 10, 2011

Project Life

Yes we are into week six of project life and I am still keeping up everyday. It has really shown me how hectic my life is and I am making a few changes to get myself balanced.

Here is richie cooking dinner, as usual

Stephanie came for a visit and once again the three of us laughed and had a great visit. I really miss her!!!

Bowling started again monday. My dad loves going with me and coaching me!!

Super bowl, salsa and quac. YUM

I started bioidentical hormone replacement for my premenopausal symptoms. I started a week ago and I have to say, I have never slept better these past three days. YIPEE!!!!!!!!! If you havent read suzanne sommers book, READ IT. It will open your eyes.

Sunrise one day on the way to work taken with my iphone, while driving LOL

I am really enjoying all the documenting and recording of my life!!!!

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Salai said...

I enjoy reading your blog. Hope to see you soon and not on facebook or on your blog :)