Saturday, February 26, 2011


That is a constant thought in my mind these days. Balance. I need balance in my life. I need my hormones balanced, I need balance in my work and home life. I need balance between friends and family. I took this to heart this year and I now set aside time for friends, time for myself, time for family. Last night I met Nancy and a group of her friends at Cafe Med for wine tasting. I tasted a few, but ended up with my favorite drink there "pink panties martini". We laughed, talked and I learned a little about wine and taught Bo a new work (lol) It was a lot of fun. Can't wait till we get together again.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Spot Number Five

(click on image to view larger)

What a way to start a Friday but with a little quick layout before going to work. Yes I started at 4:30 am, but I hope this starts my day off better than its been all week.!!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Project LIfe

Yep your are right, I am still going strong with project life. I am really enjoying it. I feel like I get to do some scrapbooking every day. Today I even wrote a letter to my mom to add to the book in the back. Someday my child or grandchild or even great grandchild will look through this book and open the letter and feel the emotions I felt when I wrote it. So here are a few of the pics from last week.
Playing keno for my mom

Dinner in vegas for our anniversary/valentines day

My rachie
The cousins
Monday night bowling league
Happy Hour

Monday, February 21, 2011

True Friends

I was listening to Rosie Radio this past week and they got to talking about true friends. How many do you have. Most said they could only count them on one hand. That got me thinking as well. Who would you call if you had a lump in your breast or had a problem. At its true one hand. In saying that, I do have more than that if you count my sisters. We would do anything for each other, so that's a given. I have very few really good friends. Maybe its because I work so much it does not give me time to meet more, but I really don't let very many people in either but once your in, your in. So here is my list, in no particular order, just how my photos loaded.

Nancy Sutherland. I have known her for hmm almost four years I think. We met scrapbooking and hit it off. Our friendship was a little slow going at first, but through conflict we have found how much we mean to each other. We laugh, talk (about everything) and she gets me. Something so very few people do.

Next, Candice Banducci. We met through work five years ago and it took a couple of years to get to know each other and now she is one of my best friends who I know will always be there for me. We are totally opposite. She is a much better person than I and I try my hardest to get her to let loose. When she does, watch out. I am so thankful to have her in my life.
Debbie Villanueva. I have known Debbie for 23 years. She started out as my manicurist and now is my oldest friend. Debbie and I are two peas in a pod. She is better than a therapist, she is never afraid to tell me I am full of crap and is fierce in getting me to take more time for myself. We have traveled all over together and will be life long friends I know. She is amazing.

Many of you know Tommy, he has been my best friend for 20 years now. Richard calls him my work husband. We work side by side 12 hours or more a day for the past 20 years. Our day is full of stress and because we spend the majority of our time together, we cant help but be friends. I am sure Richie loves it that I have someone else to talk to so he does not have to listen to me blabber on and on about this or that. I am sure it helps that he takes out his frustrations and stress on me prior to going home as well.

Stephanie is on the right on this picture and I too can count her as a friend. She no longer lives here in Bakersfield and we don't get to talk as often as we would like, but she knows I would do anything for her as she would do for me. I really miss seeing her everyday but am super glad she is happy.

This year I have vowed to spend more time with my friends. So far happy happy hour monthly, movies, gourmet club, wine tasting and scrapping have all been done monthly. Life's too short not to enjoy it.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I miss my mom today. Dad is missing her too. We were going to visit her grave but the rain made it too muddy. So I thought I would scrap one of my favorite photos from the funeral. It is of my sisters Lisa, Lindy and Dede along with my niece Dionna.

With project 365 or project life as I call it in full force I am journaling a lot more. Here I used a Ali Edwards overlay from her project 365 kit on designer digtials and turned it into a journaling card adding paper and then my words. It slips behind the picture.

Richard thought it had too many flowers on it, but to me its perfect. The green ribbon of flowers was given to me by my friend Nancy. I have been staring at it for weeks and it was the main inspiration of my layout today. I really love it. I miss you mom.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Paris Pictures

Finally got some of my paris pictures in a digital book. Rome finished too. I will have to check that off my list Yipee!!!!

So Disappointed

I am so so so disappointed. I had a planned trip to Disneyland today with Rachie. We were meeting my nephew Jason and his family. I love disneyland and have not been there for a few years. I have been looking forward to it for two months. Well the weather was not cooperating. and a storm was moving in. It was predicted to rain here starting at 4 pm and raining all night and today. That meant snow in the mountains making it a challange to get over the grapevine early this am when I was planning on going. Richard was very concerned about me getting stuck. And rain was still predicted sunday. So I canceled. I really wanted to enjoy Disneyland through the eye of my lens this time and see the joy of Delaney's (my great niece) face.

I woke up this morning to super sunny skies, UGH. Looks like some of the rain is still down in San Diego this am and I could have made it and probably had a morning of sunshine. Totally bummed me out. I jumped up and checked the weather and rain all day is predicted. I have thought, I am getting in the car and going for the day. But thats probably not the right thing to do given rain the rest of the day. So I guess I will just play in my happy place and watch all my recorded shows. Oh sigh. Bummer.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My sweet rachie

my sweet rachie. Just love her. She is the sweetest, kindest person I know. I treasure her...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Vegas here I come

Heading to vegas in the am for our anniversary weekend. We always celebrate a few weeks late due to hunting season. I love Vegas, love the shopping the lights, the gambling, the food. I plan on having a fabulous time and to take a couple fabulous pics I hope. Be back MONDAY!!!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Project Life

Yes we are into week six of project life and I am still keeping up everyday. It has really shown me how hectic my life is and I am making a few changes to get myself balanced.

Here is richie cooking dinner, as usual

Stephanie came for a visit and once again the three of us laughed and had a great visit. I really miss her!!!

Bowling started again monday. My dad loves going with me and coaching me!!

Super bowl, salsa and quac. YUM

I started bioidentical hormone replacement for my premenopausal symptoms. I started a week ago and I have to say, I have never slept better these past three days. YIPEE!!!!!!!!! If you havent read suzanne sommers book, READ IT. It will open your eyes.

Sunrise one day on the way to work taken with my iphone, while driving LOL

I am really enjoying all the documenting and recording of my life!!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Well made a little progress

I made a little progress on my list. But in my defense, doing taxes for three people took most of my day. But at least I dont have to pay this year!!!!!!! So off to get 8 hours sleep and try to finish it up tomorrow. Who watches super bowl anyway

The List

I am finding making a weekend list is helping me focus and I feel less stressed. So here I go

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy New Year

When your best friend is Chinese, I guess you get to celebrate New Years Twice!!!!!!