Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week One Completed

Week one in my project 365 binder is complete and Saturday and Sunday for week two as well, including all the journaling. I kinda have gotten a system down, now lets see if this continues.

Fridays picture was family dinner with a few of the family memembers. That is my Dad, My twin sister lindy, her husband to her right. Rachie, my daughter, Lindys two daughters Savannah and Tori and my sissy Lisa or Foo Foo as I call her or sissy poo. depends.
Saturday night, these three rascals were adorable. This is Anthony (ace), Delaney and Addy, all my great nieces and nephews.
Sundays picture was purrrrrfection. My little baby chipper sleeping in my or should I say his happy place. The evil eye is for me disturbing his sleep by taking a picture.

Hope everyone has a good week!!!!

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