Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Treasure

I came home last night to find a treasure. A mirrored dresser I saw I home Goods in Valencia for the first time four months ago and then again last week. I had wanted it for my happy place. It was the perfect size and all shiny but alas the bottom drawer mirrored face was smashed. I was so disappointed. Its a little smaller than a regular dresser and would have fit perfect. Well I walk into the house last night and what do I see, the dresser. Richard drove all the way to Valencia and back and bought it for me and took the bottom drawer to the shop to get a new mirror on it. He rarely shocks or surprises me but yesterday he did. Such a sweet act, so unlike his normal personality. I just love it, and yes the flowers came from him too. So this is my picture of the day along with the journaling I printed on the card. (helps to stay caught up when you get up at 4 am!)


Foo said...


Suzanne said...

What a sweet thig to do! Tell Richard that we are getting a Home Goods in Bako so next time he wants to surprise yo he won't have to travel so far.

THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

totally perf for your happy place sissy!!

Catherine said...

What a great surprise : )
Your use of digi brushes is way cool as well.
I am not going to commit to 365 photos, I just know I will not succeed. But I have committed to 52 Week Project