Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Life is an adventure

Richard went goose hunting this past weekend, a present from me for our 25th anniversary last year. He had a great time and got me my Picture of the Day. But he had a couple of them and I wanted to add more to the story than a little journaling card could hold. So a second picture I added to a 6 x 11 template and journaled the story he told me. I then have some clear 6 x11 page protector that I slipped it in and put in it the binder in the middle of this weeks pics that I am working on. I got the idea from Ali Edwards post of her project life she had today. Ali is very inspiring to me, her clean style fits right into my busy lifestyle. It really helped meeting her personally in Greece. So I plan on trying to incorporate more extras in the book as it is my life, my project life!!!!!

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THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

well .... I can't imagine the joy in any sentence that has the word "kill" in it (unless it's a black widow spider) but if it keeps him OUT of trouble & gives you a little "me" time ... then I'm all for it!!